Privacy Policy

Ensuring That Your Privacy Is Kept Private

Here at we find it very important to make sure that any of our users information is kept safe, and well-guarded. We take great pride with making sure that your visit here is private, and remains private. That is why we have taken the time out to have this policy drafted. If you wish to be able to read any more information that pertains to the site and the info that you can read on the site, you can head on to the homepage where more can be read. We have tried to keep things as simple as possible, so you can spend more time enjoying the site. 

We Will Never Take Any Personal Information from You

As soon as you arrive here, we will not collect any of your information, like your IP address, the number of times that you visited, nor will we track your timings. The sites aim is to offer you valuable information whilst you browse, and we do not need to collect any information from you at all. Unlike other sites online that like to gather info, we do not, and we also understand just how important it is for our users to have complete privacy with regards to personal data. That is why we will never ask you for anything of a personal nature.


Third Party Site Links

Please note that we have included site links that do lead users to external sites, other than this site. Because of that, you must also note that those sites are not conducting business the same way that we do. Nor, are we in any way responsible for the info that they contain, or the policies that they have. They will most likely be different to the site policy that is used here, so make sure to read the policy when you click the link.

Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

We retain the rights to change any clause in this privacy policy at any time we wish to do so. It is completely at our discretion, and that is why it is very important that you keep checking back for updates. Should you have any questions that you feel need to be answered with regards to your use of the website, please feel free contact us at our contact us page.