Brand New Red Cross Hospital in Haiti Offers New Doctors and Sense of Hope

It hasn’t been quite four years since the terrible news of the earthquake in Haiti, hit media channels around the globe, shocking viewers. The health care in the country went to pot, and literally crumbled the moment that the disaster struck. Now though, a few years on from the disaster and the American Red Cross have helped to leash a new hope and new life when it comes to medical facilities. They have opened up the Mireblaid University Hospital that is run by the organization, Partners in Health. The hospital was built using around 5.5 million US dollars that was of course donated by the American Red Cross. The facility is now playing host to their very first round of medical residents, helping to Shepard the countries new generation of doctors. Hospital Red Cross

There are currently fourteen residents there, 7 men and 7 women, and they help to represent what is a long awaited recovery in the country. The 2010 earthquake that struck in January, made many think that life as they knew it was over, but it is acts like this from the Red Cross that helps to restore faith in the country. The medical residents will help to ensure that Haiti’s medical needs are met. The majority of medical facilities were unfortunately, crumbled to mere rubble as the earth quake struck, so for years there have been very limited services on offer to residents. Of course, along with the destruction, many of the qualified medical personal also lost their lives, and those that did survive, had to move out of the country in order to secure a better future for themselves.

The residents at the hospital will be working with Partners In Health in order to ensure that people pursue doctorate positions in the county, and that the new generation that survived the earth quake, will be able to train and offer adequate medical facilities to all those in need of them. Training from all aspects of the medical trade is on offer, from general surgery, to internal medicine and of course pediatric training, amongst many other forms is currently offered. There is also vital education to help raise awareness about medicines in society, and of course being able to track the root cause of medical issues, correctly diagnosing and treating them. The fourteen resident doctors will be able to get the very best, from cameras that are built in to transmit surgery to help them to get advice from other doctors around the world, and of course help with consultations and the whole learning process in general.

A 28 year old doctor, Mariline Menager, talked to Partners in Health and told then that she feels very excited to be able to participate in the program and of course get such a great residency. There are 300 beds on offer there at the moment, and it is expected that there will be five hundred outpatients daily, that visit the facility. There is a state of the art delivery suite, complete with a kids ward and of course a dental clinic, and on site pharmacy to distribute medications, and a mental health clinic, amongst many other services.

It is ran completely with solar power, and is the largest hospital in the whole world that does just that! To register, patients have pay around $1.15, and after that everything is provided free of charge. This is a great story to help prove just how donations to the American Red Cross can change lives for the better, and how they have such a great impact on the day to day lives of regular people that have been struck by disaster.

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